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The Nation-State Is Swimming Against the Currents of History

As Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan explains, the key tenet of the nation-state is its ability to protect its citizens. People, Hobbes surmised, are prepared to surrender their liberty in exchange for security.

Since Hobbes published his book in 1651, the established political unit for providing security has been the nation-state. But owing to the global evolution of …

Photo via Flickr Marc Nozell / 14 April 2007
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What would a Hillary Clinton administration look like for the Middle East?

Photo via Flickr Marc Nozell / 14 April 2007

When Hillary Clinton announced her entrance into the race for Obama’s successor in April this year critiques were quick to point to her age, gender and most significantly turbulent reputation as ex-secretary of state following the Arab Spring and Benghazi controversies. Conversely, her supporters herald Clinton …