Syrian Conflict
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Major Conflicts in 2015: A Year in Review

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees – via Wikimedia Commons

By Vanessa Thevathasan

With curtains closed on 2015, it’s time to look back at a year defined by political instability, violence and mass displacement of the likes not seen since the Second World War.

Old, familiar conflicts continued apace last year in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, …

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Continuity and Foreign Policy

Obama and Biden – The White House via Flickr


In 2008, Obama entered the oval office full of hopes, his campaign promises had included a completely different approach to foreign policy than his Republican predecessor. Obama had seduced American citizens and the world with his clear opposition to the war in Iraq, his recognition of …
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Wartime sexual violence: a gender issue in terrorist clothing

Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court speaking at closing plenary of the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict. Photo Source: Foreign and Commonwealth Office via Flickr All Creative Commons.

“The body of a raped woman becomes a ceremonial battlefield; a parade ground for the victor’s trooping of the colors. The act that is played …

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Pro-ISIS Salafist Palestinians and peace prospects in the region: Drawback or Incentive?

Stantheman87 via Wikimedia Commons

Nearly sixty decades of protracted fighting have turned the Israeli-Palestinian dispute into one of myths shaping societies, one whose contours have been sketched by passion and blackened by resolve. The conflict is today one of competing narratives, mutually exclusive and contrasting in every aspect but their anchored perception of a zero-sum …

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Is the ISIS in Afghanistan an excuse to make the US troops stay?

Image from Pixabay | Used under a Creative Commons License

The phenomenon of listicles and click-baiting attempts has come to be: and that’s why I dismissed an article on one of India’s prominent listicle-sites. It mentioned that an ISIS flag fluttered in the wind, a few thousand kilometres from New Delhi.  It peaked my curiosity …

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Who is ISIS really threatening?

ISIS Militant VOA via Wikimedia Commons


On June 10th 2014, Iraq’s second largest city Mosul, fell after merely four days in the hands of a barbaric and radical group: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). With their cold-hearted beheading videos, the world witnessed the rise of a new evil the Middle East did …

Jihadi John - Photo from Rod Ardehali's Article via The Telegraph
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A “Jihadi Johns” factory built in Europe

Jihadi John – Photo from Rod Ardehali’s Article via The Telegraph

ISIS appeared on the international scene as a natural disaster that no one expected and by which everyone felt shocked and demoralised. Terrifying shots of public executions and the beheadings of American journalist James Fouley and other captives have created an atmosphere of fear …