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Shale Gas Can Break Cycle of Autocracy in Middle East

Modern statecraft often has a fine line between the optimal outcome and a morally questionable one. Nowhere is this dilemma more apparent than in the Middle East – specifically the Gulf. It is unfortunate that nations like America and Britain, with proud histories of individual freedom and human rights, can be allied to oil dictators …

Viktor Orban. Photo: Europa Pont
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It’s Time for the EU to Stand Up for Liberalism

Viktor Orban. Photo: Europa Pont

Having been relegated to the sidelines of political debate, the rise of right-wing populist parties and movements in Europe has begun to attract more and deserved attention. For some time, this populism seemed to be concentrated in the adolescent democracies of central and eastern Europe. What’s more, several years ago …

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A Dialogue on Present Day Critical Theory

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In terms of how society distributes its power humanity has come a long way. We have advanced from tribal societies, fiefdoms, monarchies, feudalism, limited constitutionalism and imperial confederacies and are currently trending towards global democratic norms. While there have been hiccups on the way and with many countries still resisting its …