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Are US Sanctions Reinforcing the Government in Tehran?

A young women strolls past US Embassy Facade in Tehran – Adam Jones via Wikimedia Commons

Despite being one of the most sanctioned countries in the world, Iran still stands firm on their nuclear program. One simple conclusion from this is that economic sanctions don’t work as intended. In fact the constant economic pressures placed …

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Pro-ISIS Salafist Palestinians and peace prospects in the region: Drawback or Incentive?

Stantheman87 via Wikimedia Commons

Nearly sixty decades of protracted fighting have turned the Israeli-Palestinian dispute into one of myths shaping societies, one whose contours have been sketched by passion and blackened by resolve. The conflict is today one of competing narratives, mutually exclusive and contrasting in every aspect but their anchored perception of a zero-sum …

Photo via Flickr Marc Nozell / 14 April 2007
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What would a Hillary Clinton administration look like for the Middle East?

Photo via Flickr Marc Nozell / 14 April 2007

When Hillary Clinton announced her entrance into the race for Obama’s successor in April this year critiques were quick to point to her age, gender and most significantly turbulent reputation as ex-secretary of state following the Arab Spring and Benghazi controversies. Conversely, her supporters herald Clinton …

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Who is ISIS really threatening?

ISIS Militant VOA via Wikimedia Commons


On June 10th 2014, Iraq’s second largest city Mosul, fell after merely four days in the hands of a barbaric and radical group: the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). With their cold-hearted beheading videos, the world witnessed the rise of a new evil the Middle East did …

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Gulf Monarchies and the Arab Spring: The Reasons Behind Their Survival

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry sits with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members before meeting via Wikimedia Commons

Mohammed Bouazizi – the Tunisian fruit vendor, famously known for his act of self-immolation due to severe living conditions he was encountering, along with the majority living there. His action outside the governor’s office triggered not only …

Few Against Many, Protest in Egypt - Via
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Crackdown on Egypt’s Civil Society

Few Against Many , Protest in Egypt – Al Jazeera via

The Egyptian government suppressing civil society organizations (CSO’s) is nothing new. Ever since such organizations arose in Egypt, the authorities have used multiple intimidation methods to restrain their work and efficiency, on issues stretching from economic justice to women’s participation to human rights. …

RAF Typoon Aircraft in the Middle East
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East of Suez: Redux?

RAF Typhoon aircraft in the Middle East, Ministry of Defence via Wikimedia Commons.

In April 2013, RUSI (Royal United Services Institute) released a report detailing the outcome of a busy 2012 for the coalition government in the Gulf. It reported that David Cameron had agreed to a ‘Joint Defence Partnership’ with the UAE on the …

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The Battle of Libya

Libyan Militia – E. Arrott via Wikimedia Commons


The Situation in Libya and negative international response to the political and security chaos threatens the security of the Mediterranean and Sahara and its influence extends to Syria.

Oil and gas wealth were and still are the pillars of Libya during the Qaddafi regime and the current civil …