Syrian Conflict
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Major Conflicts in 2015: A Year in Review

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees – via Wikimedia Commons

By Vanessa Thevathasan

With curtains closed on 2015, it’s time to look back at a year defined by political instability, violence and mass displacement of the likes not seen since the Second World War.

Old, familiar conflicts continued apace last year in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, …

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa!
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Will Nigeria Replace “the Oil curse” with “Agriculture curse”

Balogun market; the biggest market in west Africa

As oil price continues to drop, Nigeria is still struggling to stabilize the economy and could turn to biggest contributed to the GDP; agriculture to rescue the economy.Despite the dependency on oil, Nigeria is fundamentally an agricultural country, at least in terms of the population working on the …

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria
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Child Poverty Post 2015

Classroom for 80 students in Ogun State, Nigeria

 The Millennium Development Goals (MDG) is by nature progressive, to be built upon and scaled up. As 2015 draws close to an end, development experts globally are exploring new sets of goals. A more suitable approach may be tackling the challenges discovered and scaling up on MDG …

Nigerian Police
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Change Builds on What Works

Osborne, Ikoyi

In Nigeria, the new government’s election campaign was centered on the idea of change as an event, as opposed to the reality of change as a process.

Three months into the APC led government, Boko Haram remains a challenge, the absence of a finance minister sees the Naira depreciating daily, suddenly,  its seems what …

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Citizens Participation for Good Governance in Africa

Ballot Papers – Source: Original picture from Nejeed Bello

For African governance, the most significant barriers blocking better governance remains corruption and poor service delivery. As indicated by the 2004 World Development Report, the relationship between citizen empowerment to actively participate in holding their government accountable and demanding for better has vital implication for better …

Blue helmets from Benin attend a funeral in honour of 2 Senegalese peacekeepers killed in Kidal, Mali last year. Photo Source: Mission de l'ONU au Mali - UN Mission in Mali via Flickr Creative Commons
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Peacekeeping in the United Nations: An Unequal Burden?

Contingent of Nepalese Peacekeepers arrive in Juba, South Sudan. Photo source: United Nations Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

The argument can be made that the United Nations is poorly equipped to deal with the complexities of social and political issues in the 21st century. Often fatal combinations of arduous bureaucracy and the Security Council veto have …

The United Nations hold a memorial for those killed in an attack upon the UN headquarters in Abuja. Photo Source: United Nations Development Programme via Flickr Creative Commons.
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Nigeria: Moves and Countermoves

Port Harcourt Refinery in the Niger Delta. Photo source: David via Flickr Creative Commons.

In early April of this year the Nigerian Federal Government announced that Nigeria’s economy was the largest in Africa. The instantaneousness of the announcement owed to the first rebasing of Nigerian gross domestic product (GDP) since 1990, and revealed that the …