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If the US Wants to Lead, It Must Pay the Price of Leadership

Petty Officer 1st Class Chad McNeeley via Wikimedia Commons

Recently, Republican politicians like businessman Donald Trump and Senator Bob Corker have criticized the disparities in defence spending between the US and its allies. On the other side of the aisle, President Obama has voiced similar concerns. He has called on other nations to share the …

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The US and Cuba – A Big Win for Diplomacy

US and Cuban flags. Photo source: Day Donaldson via Flickr Creative Commons.

More than half a century had to pass before the US and Cuba reopened their respective embassies and started to work towards fostering amiable and cooperative relations. The diplomatic breakthrough was a result of both the political will of Barack Obama and Raul …

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India’s Foreign Policy Overdrive

President Obama with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Washington – US Government via Flickr

It has been a year since a new government headed by Narendra Modi assumed office in New Delhi. Political pundits believe India has since done better at managing its external affairs than its internal affairs.  Foreign policy has figured prominently as a focus area …

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Fighting the Urge to Overreact

Obama at 9/11 Memorial Service 2014 – DefenseImagery via Wikimedia Commons


Last night, on the eve of the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, President Obama laid out the justification for American military action against the Islamic State (IS) terrorist organisation.

At least in part, his address to the nation was based on the the terrible …

Courtesy of BehBeh, via Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Senkaku_Islands#mediaviewer/File:20100915Senkaku_Islands_Uotsuri_Jima_Kita_Kojima_Minami_Kojima.jpg
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China-Japan Tensions Need to be Taken Seriously

Photo source: BehBeh via Wikimedia Commons.

The violent response in Vietnam to Chinese and Taiwanese businesses after China began drilling for oil in disputed maritime areas is just the latest in a long line of skirmishes and rising tensions in East and Southeast Asia. Where these concern the bilateral territorial disagreements between China and Japan, there is …

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Hurricane Sandy and Climate Change: Who Cares?

Hurricane Sandy caused extensive flooding, damaging the homes of citizens and the investment portfolios of fund managers. Source: ABC News.

940 millibars sounds like a pretty small number, were it not for the gravity of its context in the wake of Hurricane Sandy last month. 940 millibars is the minimum central pressure …