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#NotABugSplat: Art as effective resistance to drone strikes in Pakistan?

The #NotABugSplat installation as seen from a drone. Reprinted with permission from #NotABugSplat.

In a previous article for Future Foreign Policy, I discussed the psychological impact of drone vision – the imagery relayed to the drone pilot via drone camera – and what features of it renders killing-by-drone simultaneously simple and complicated. One aspect considered, …

For two weeks disillusioned Venezuelans have taken to the streets. Cristian Garrido Paez, via Wikimedia Commons
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A new social revolution in Venezuela?

For two weeks disillusioned Venezuelans have taken to the streets. Photo Source: Cristian Garrido Paez via Wikimedia Commons.

For Hispanics in the US, even when watching Thursday’s Premio Lo Nuestro Latin music awards ceremony from Miami on Spanish-language network Univisión, it was hard to escape the turbulent situation in Venezuela where anti-government protests continue.

What started …

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The Other Turkey

Photo source: Today’s Zaman.

Protests have gripped Turkey over the last two weeks, what started off as a series of protests throughout the country over different issues has turned into one main protest. One protest, staged in the Turkish capital Ankara, turned into kissing demonstrations outside subway stations. The ‘Kiss-protest’ was against plans to forbidden …