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In the fog of Syria’s war: Hezbollah in transition

Hezbollah Flag. upyernoz via Flickr Creative Commons.

The conflict in Syria has been an embodiment of the notion that chaos in the region is empowering non-state actors. The Syrian conflict is also one in which the relevance of a conventional regional balance is being challenged and emphasis is being placed on state and non-state actors’ …

Blog / Middle East and North Africa

Building a more inclusive Iraq

“Iraqi voters inked fingers” – Jim Goodwin, via Wikimedia Commons

Contemporary Iraq embodies the consequences and legacies of the failures of the modern nation-building process in the Middle East, authoritarian patterns of governance, intervention, political miscalculations and misleading and often simplistic conceptualisations of Iraqi society. Over the past 12 years a new and unsustainable reality …

Blog / Middle East and North Africa

Syria, three years on: Revolution, narratives, and solidarity

Photo Source: Freedom House via Flickr Creative Commons.

Conference Report: ‘Syria – Correcting the Narrative, Building Solidarity’, 21 June 2014, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Three and a half years since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution, the ongoing conflict has left on the ground more than 100 thousand victims (the UN …

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Nuance and Sectarianism in Syria: Divorce or break-up?

Syrian and rebel flags being waved together. Photo Source: Gwenaël Piaser via Flickr Creative Commons.

The tragic conflict in Syria is undoubtedly one of the most pressing issues in international affairs today. There has been much debate about the merits of intervention by Western powers based on contemporary analyses of the country, however many of …