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Stopping the Post-Brexit Brain Drain

Britain’s economic welfare is heavily dependent on its trade within the EU. Indeed, it was principally for the economic benefits of being in the free trade area that Britain took up membership in 1973. Since then, the British economy has undergone transformation that has seen London rise to the summit of the financial sector. It …

Image: The New Garden Path Along the Great Wall of China. Image source:
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Hong Kong and China – Diversity and Permeability

Image: The New Garden Path Along the Great Wall of China. Image source: Trey Ratcliff via Flickr Creative Commons

When one thinks of China, ‘walls’ can sometimes spring to mind.

When looking for a classic pun to describe China’s compendium of internet controls and regulations, or colloquially; ‘the Golden Shield’, the world’s commentators alighted on the …

The North American Free Trade Agreement. Courtesy of TheMexicanGentlemen, via Wikimedia Commons
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Beyond NAFTA: evaluating FTAs in Mexico and Colombia

The North American Free Trade Agreement. Photo source: TheMexicanGentlemen via Wikimedia Commons.

The distinguished Harvard political scientist Samuel Huntington described Mexico as a ‘torn country’. Torn because of its cultural and linguistic attachment to Latin America on the one hand, and on the other, its geographic and economic alignment to the United States. NAFTA, the trilateral North …

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Embracing the Snake: The China-Britain Trade Relationship

David Cameron met with Xi Jinping in 2007.

In their own unique way of celebrating Chinese New Year, Number 10 last month uploaded a video to their YouTube channel featuring an enthusiastic David Cameron wishing the nation well, and calling for even better trade relations between China and the UK in the coming years. The …