Viktor Orban. Photo: Europa Pont
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It’s Time for the EU to Stand Up for Liberalism

Viktor Orban. Photo: Europa Pont

Having been relegated to the sidelines of political debate, the rise of right-wing populist parties and movements in Europe has begun to attract more and deserved attention. For some time, this populism seemed to be concentrated in the adolescent democracies of central and eastern Europe. What’s more, several years ago …

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Turkey’s Future: a discussion on the recent parliamentary election

What does the future hold for Turkey? (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Turkey safeguarded its democracy – this was the first and foremost remark after the results of the election were announced. However, when it comes to politics, change is always a tumultuous process – the lost majority of the main political party presupposes coalition building, which …

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Is Cyprus ready for a solution?

Divided Cyprus. Photo Source: Golbez via Wikimedia Commons.

Despite a plethora of concerns about the successful resolution of the Cyprus Problem, the conflict has reached its ripeness and Cypriots are ready to open a new chapter in the island’s history.

A brief background on the Cyprus Problem

The island of Cyprus has been divided since …

Trans Adriatic Gas  Pipeline  Map, Genti77 via        Wikicommons
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The changing landscape for Energy in Europe

Trans Adriatic Gas Pipeline Map, Genti77 via Wikicommons

During the last months major changes have been taking place in the sector of energy security strategy in the European continent. While the EU has adopted a framework for its energy strategy until 2030, quickly changing international developments have created a sense of urgency to act. Various …

Davutoğlu with John Kerry and Syrian Opposition Council Chairman Moaz al-Khatib in İstanbul, May 2013 - US Department of via Wikimedia Commons
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How has Turkish foreign policy failed in Iraq?

Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoğlu with John Kerry and Syrian Opposition Council Chairman Moaz al-Khatib in İstanbul, May 2013 – US Department of via Wikimedia Commons

This analysis attempts to generally assess the foreign policy of the AKP-led government of the Republic of Turkey towards the current situation in Iraq. Three hardly correctable mistakes …

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Turkey and the EU: The Required Change

Turkey and EU Flags – via European Ideas

In notions of East and West, Turkey is often viewed as straddling the divide between the two, the tagline of the ‘gateway between Asia and Europe’ is regularly applied to its most eminent city Istanbul, but it has become apparent a drawbridge to this gateway has risen …

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Kurdistan – Fleeting Dreams of Independence

Erbil, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region has prospered since the fall of Saddam Hussein. Photo Source: David Stanley via Flickr Creative Commons.

In June of this year the last semblance of peace in Iraq collapsed under the weight of intensifying acts of terrorism and sectarian violence – the catalyst, a full scale offensive …

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The Other Turkey

Photo source: Today’s Zaman.

Protests have gripped Turkey over the last two weeks, what started off as a series of protests throughout the country over different issues has turned into one main protest. One protest, staged in the Turkish capital Ankara, turned into kissing demonstrations outside subway stations. The ‘Kiss-protest’ was against plans to forbidden …