If only it were that easy...
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Vive la Revolution? Think Again

If only it were that easy .Photo Source: mookiefl via Flickr Creative Commons.

There is something naïve about rejoicing at a revolution. Whether across the Arab world or in Ukraine, the fall of decadent regimes is met with euphoria. Euphoria and a tendency to forget that revolutions are often successions of failures, occasionally yielding something …

HMNB Clyde the home of the UK's nuclear deterrent. Source: Ron Strutt via Wikimedia Commons
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Russia: The Justification for Trident Renewal

HMNB Clyde the home of the UK’s nuclear deterrent. Source: Ron Strutt via Wikimedia Commons

The scene is set for a renewal of Trident. Last week the British and American Security Information Council (BASIC) reported the results of a three-year study by the Trident Commission with the conclusion that Trident should be renewed. The risk, …

Britain should leave the EU and form a Commonwealth Union. Image courtesy of Times of Malta
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Commonwealth Union: An Alternative with Meaning

Britain should leave the EU and form a Commonwealth Union. Photo Source: Times of Malta.

Since the 1950s, but more so recently as the European Union has begun to federalise, a strengthening movement has arisen that proposes a Union of some kind comprised of Commonwealth of Nation countries as an alternative to the EU which …

David Cameron discussing important things
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The Age of Austerity as a Social Project

David Cameron discussing important things. Source: Conservative Party via Flickr.

Time to rejoice: The UK economy is now back on track. According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK economy grew at its fastest pace since 2007, before the onset of the global financial crisis. David Cameron and George Osborne will register this as …

Will we see less boots on the ground?
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The Future of UK Military Intervention

Will we see less boots on the ground? Photo Source: MOD via Wikimedia Commons.

‘The most important determinant of strategic culture is recent historical experience’. This was the opinion of Professor Paul Schulte, given during a discussion on The Past and Future of UK Foreign Intervention at the recent FFP launch event. …

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After the Shutdown, American-Style Democracy Is a Hard Sell

Photo: Flickr user reivax via Wikimedia Commons

After 16 days of shutdown and repeated threats of debt default, the United States faces its greatest challenge yet to American foreign policy: its own inability to manage the US government and economy responsibly. October’s last-minute race to clumsy bipartisanship demonstrates a perceived failure in US democratic institutions, …

Soldier Silhouetted in Afghanistan
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Afghanistan – It hasn’t been worth it

It’s been almost a dozen years since Western forces first entered Afghanistan in October 2001. The question of whether this sustained conflict, along with Iraq, the most significant of our young century, was justified, will surely come to the fore as the UK government intends to cease combat operations in the country in December 2014.

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The End of British Aid to South Africa: Cock-Up, Conspiracy or Correct?

British aid to South Africa will be phased out by 2015. (Photograph: AP/The Guardian)

The position of Secretary of State for International Development is considered by many as one of the cosier jobs in the British Cabinet. It was therefore a little surprising when the current holder of the role, Justine Greening, broke the mold …

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Anglo-French Ties Remain Strong and Increasingly Necessary

Photo Source.

The recent French Defence White Paper signals a further continuation of deepening Anglo-French ties. As budget constraints squeeze defence spending there was concern amongst British officials that French capabilities would be significantly reduced, hindering not only French, but British foreign policy and the ability for France to uphold major aspects of the Lancaster …

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The UK should send Clegg to Latin America

Nick Clegg addressing the Mexican Senate in 2011. Image Source: El Universal.

The emerging economies of Latin America provide a great opportunity for foreign governments to invest and improve bilateral trade and diplomatic relations. Within the international community, Britain is in a hugely favourable position to make an impact in the region. Historic ties go …